Apartment MS

95 sq.mSofia / 2019

Apartment MS

For us as architects, the leading role in interior design is function. It is the backbone of the subsequent structuring of a given space. The design and decoration of the elements come next, because if the function is wrong from the beginning, then the error will be multiplied later.

Full potential of the living space

The presence of corridors, small warehouses and closets in the medium-sized apartment “eats” the real space and forms of underutilized zones are formed. Our goal is to reach 100% of the possibilities of the given area by extremely detailed and precise design of the individual housing areas.

Different zones that can participate actively or passively in the living room

Passing from the corridor through the kitchen to the living room does not create the feeling of boundaries between them, but rather a common room. We have created an opportunity for the kitchen to be present “actively” or “passively” in the living area through sliding doors.

In this project we have tried to get the maximum functionality.

Afterward, this functionality was supplemented by individually developed details and elements, implemented in our own database.

From sketch to idea

“Redesigning” a home so that it meets the needs and preferences of its owners is a creative process that requires time, experience and knowledge of the possibilities. In this case, we moved the individual corners, and created maximum functional space.

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