Apartment MT

100 sq.mSofia / 2024

Apartment MT

„Form follows function” is one of the most famous phrases in architecture, uttered by the famous American architect Louis Sullivan.

Function above all!

In our projects we attach the great importance to the function. All elements and details of the interior are completely dependent on the distribution in the zones of the apartment.

Placing furniture in the space without taking into account the main function of the home is unacceptable, especially when the area is limited.

An effect and feeling of space

The architectural approach in interior design is extremely important and the overall effect and feeling of the space depends on it, because even the best details and elements, placed in the wrong place, lose their values.

To reach the full potential of the living space

It is extremely important for us in each of our projects to develop the maximum number of options and to try to make the most of the available space.

Functionality is possible with the right design!

The appropriate distribution of the premises is the basis of the architectural design, on which the design of the individual elements is then upgraded.

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