Apartment Queеn

450 sq.mSofia / 2016

Apartment Qeeen

Function is the leading factor and essential for both small and large spaces.

The difference between small and large apartments

However, there is a significant difference between small and large apartments – if for the small housing everything has to be in its place, due to the limited space, then for the large ones the approach is quite different.

Warm and cozy large spaces

The goal is not to fill the whole living space with lots of furniture, but on the contrary – to create the feeling of space, and at the same time to make it warm and comfortable.

Creating background

This was our approach to design – to create kind of “background” of the main furniture by “dressing” the walls with specific paneling, designed and made by us. It performs the role of both stage decor and has acoustic functions.

Development of individual and specific details

The realization of this idea is related to the development of individual and very specific details, for both the construction of the installations and creation of the various elements of the interior furniture. We can afford this approach, thanks to our own manufacturing base – a manufactory that allows us to experiment in order to find better and more complex solutions.