House B

180 sq.mSofia / 2018

House B

Renovating an old house without the possibility of any structural and functional changes is certainley a huge challenge.

Airiness and ethereal design

Limited access to daylight in some areas of the house prompted us to use volumes, details and elements with maximum transparency.

We have developed and manufactured shelves and sliding doors with a lattice structure that transmit light, while creating the feeling of airiness and airiness without burdening the space.

Creative approach, according to circumstances

We used mirror surfaces in the compositions so as to reflect any light entering the room.

Къща В хладилник кухня


In the living room we bet on a lighted ceiling – barisol, which will compensate for the low height and lack of light in the area.

More complex but better solutions

The realization of this idea is related to the development of individual and very specific details, both in the construction of the installations themselves and in the creation of the various elements of the interior furniture. We can afford this approach, thanks to our own manufacturing base – a manufactory that allows us to experiment in order to find better and more complex solutions.

The right approach

This project illustrates how limitations can become a source of inspiration and new ideas. Renovating a house is not an easy task, but with the right approach, patience and creative thinking, it has the full potential to become a functional and beautiful home.