Office building “East”

8000 sq.rSofia / 2011

Office building “East”

The office is the place where we spend most of our time during the day. That is way this environment should create a sense of inspiration and to provoke productivity. This is exactly what we did in this project.

Your workplace as inspiration

Every experienced manager knows that one of the main factors related to employee productivity is exactly how they feel at work. The environment around us is an essential part of feeling positive emotions.

Individual approach and lots of greenery

Greenery changes the way we work and the quality of our life. This is what inspires us to design natural vertical gardens in the lobby of an office building, as well as to place a tree as an accent in its center.

“Different” is always a good idea

The greenery not only complemented the interior, but became a key element in it and created an individual character of the whole premise.

“Different” won’t always be a good idea

Each of the subsequent floors is designed according to the specifics of its purpose, but always the leading role is played by the light and the function for achieving maximum comfort of the workers in it.

Development of individual elements

We created individual elements, details and compositions to give a specific character to each part of the space.