Apartment SМ

We’ve accepted another challenge, to show a different type of separation of the premises in this apartment. This project is an example of how, even without the construction of walls in a home, it is possible to design different functional areas.

Walls experiment!

With the hectic pace of everyday living, time spent with our family is never enough. The wall, which is rather a symbol of a barrier, is also an obstacle in communication between people.

A sliding solution

That’s why we approached it experimentally, replacing the walls with sliding doors, allowing to constantly change the space according to specific cases.

Cheating the space

Through this project we tried to show how we can “cheat” the area to make it look bigger. By opening or closing certain areas, the owners of this apartment can transform the premises on their own.

Zones instead of different rooms

It also gives the possibility for a larger living room, where everyone can get together and communicate, but without losing the option of personal space. Moving from one zone to another, people do not have the feeling that they are entering different rooms, but rather that they are in one common room.

Let's be adaptable!

Creating a contemporary adaptable space allows people living in it to spend their time together.

The importance of light

Last but not least – the role of light. The concept of open doors and unification of all zones, allows the passage of light anywhere in the apartment.

Development of individual and specific details

The realization of this idea is related to the development of individual and very specific details, both in the building of the installations and in the creation of the various elements of the interior furniture. We can afford this approach, thanks to our own manufacturing base – a manufactory that allows us to experiment in order to find better and more complex solutions.

Apartment MT

„Form follows function” is one of the most famous phrases in architecture, uttered by the famous American architect Louis Sullivan.

Function above all!

In our projects we attach the great importance to the function. All elements and details of the interior are completely dependent on the distribution in the zones of the apartment.

Placing furniture in the space without taking into account the main function of the home is unacceptable, especially when the area is limited.

An effect and feeling of space

The architectural approach in interior design is extremely important and the overall effect and feeling of the space depends on it, because even the best details and elements, placed in the wrong place, lose their values.

To reach the full potential of the living space

It is extremely important for us in each of our projects to develop the maximum number of options and to try to make the most of the available space.

Functionality is possible with the right design!

The appropriate distribution of the premises is the basis of the architectural design, on which the design of the individual elements is then upgraded.

Original Image
Modified Image

Apartment MS

For us as architects, the leading role in interior design is function. It is the backbone of the subsequent structuring of a given space. The design and decoration of the elements come next, because if the function is wrong from the beginning, then the error will be multiplied later.

Full potential of the living space

The presence of corridors, small warehouses and closets in the medium-sized apartment “eats” the real space and forms of underutilized zones are formed. Our goal is to reach 100% of the possibilities of the given area by extremely detailed and precise design of the individual housing areas.

Different zones that can participate actively or passively in the living room

Passing from the corridor through the kitchen to the living room does not create the feeling of boundaries between them, but rather a common room. We have created an opportunity for the kitchen to be present “actively” or “passively” in the living area through sliding doors.

In this project we have tried to get the maximum functionality.

Afterward, this functionality was supplemented by individually developed details and elements, implemented in our own database.

From sketch to idea

“Redesigning” a home so that it meets the needs and preferences of its owners is a creative process that requires time, experience and knowledge of the possibilities. In this case, we moved the individual corners, and created maximum functional space.

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Apartment 7

The architectural approach in interior design is extremely important, the correct distribution of the premises is the basis of the architectural design, on which the design of the individual elements is then upgraded.

Best functionality of the apartment

We designed different functional zones, each with an independent entrance, but at the same time passing from one zone to another you do not have the feeling of being in separate rooms. After trying to create the best functionality of the apartment, we decided to show a different approach in the design of details and elements in it

Changing the interior according to the way and time of use

We created a rhythm of sliding panels, that allows you to change the interior according to the way and time of use. It was a challenge for us to make these panels as contemporary functional stained glass, as well as to become the main focus of the apartment, but also thanks to their transparent nature to allow light to pass everywhere.

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Modified Image


We decided to experiment with the colors and shapes of the elements of the interior. We tried to create a baroque splendor, perceiving the space as a picture that is not typical for the contemporary interior.

Picture frame

With the graphic panels – stained glass, contrasting with this rich palette, the feeling of a picture frame is obtained.

Individual elements

During the design process we tried to extract maximum functionality, subsequently supplemented by individually developed details and elements, realized in our own manufacturing base.