Studio 1924

120 sq.mSofia / 2010

Studio 1924

We have designed and made compositions and details that will give new life to the old elements and turn them from flaws into accents.

Another challenge!

It was a huge challenge for us to design and restore a floor of an old house in the central part of Sofia by turnig it to a workspace. For certain functions, it is extremely important to find the intersection between pragmatism and design in order to form a space that not only satisfies its intended purpose, but also creates an atmosphere of coziness.

An individual decision

Our approach in design is to get the most out of a given space by suppressing existing shortcomings and giving priority to key elements on which the end result depends.

Additional factors

Factors such as light, function and spaciousness are always of great importance in creating an adequate working environment and using the full potential of all the givens of the house built in 1924.