Our projects

Architectural solutions for houses

Functionality is the main factor in the design of both apartments and houses. The difference is that single-family houses give more freedom in making individual technical decisions, especially when we have the opportunity to design the exterior and interior in sync.

Architectural solutions for apartments

In our projects, regardless of whether they are small or large apartments, we attach great importance to the function. All the details and elements of the interior design are completely subject to the area alignment.

Architectural solutions for public spaces

The design of public spaces is extremely specific. The architectural solutions are strictly individual and completely subordinated to the purpose, function and size of the premises.

Development of individual elements

We develop individual elements and details that make our projects unique and unrepeatable. It is the advantage of having our own manufacturing base, which gives us the opportunity to experiment in order to find a better and more complex solution.

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From an idea to the final project

Our goal is to reach the full potential of the housing space, as we design the separate areas with great detail and precision. The realization of the idea is related to the development of individual and very specific details, both in the construction of the installations and in the creation of the various elements of the interior. Our own manufacturing base gives us complete freedom to influence every stage of the project in order to improve it and achieve the best possible result.