About us

LAGO DESIGN is an architectural studio founded by arch. Lyuba Dobreva and eng. Gergin Alexandrov in 2003 with a subject of activity public and residential spaces interior design. Afterwards, it expanded its activities in other areas of architecture – design of single-family houses, wooden facade planning & execution supplied by the Slovenian factory M Sora, furniture and interior details production.

„ I don’t want to be seen as an outsider, but that means I can keep experimenting and innovating. The enormous effort I have made has made me a better architect. I do not feel dissatisfied. If you are chasing easy life, don’t be an architect. Ask anyone in my office. You have to work constantly. If you want to work from nine to five, and then go back home and rest, just don’t do it.” Zaha Hadid

Who are we?

If your passion is yet your career, you do not take it as an obligation. For us work is life, and life is work.

Incorrigible enthusiasts, idealists and optimists, we believe that what you give is never enough, you can always do more. Individualists, both personally and professionally. Mediocrity is not our style. We develop and improve our ideas. We carry out and implement our projects.

We have experience with complex spaces and we accept every new project as a challenge. We accept orders form clients who have the patience and will to go through the long process from the beginning of the project to its final realization, charged with positive emotion.

We provoke and create HAUTE CULTURE.

Люба Добрева и Гергин Александров

Our Team

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