Apartment 7

92 sq.mSofia / 2019

Apartment 7

The architectural approach in interior design is extremely important, the correct distribution of the premises is the basis of the architectural design, on which the design of the individual elements is then upgraded.

Best functionality of the apartment

We designed different functional zones, each with an independent entrance, but at the same time passing from one zone to another you do not have the feeling of being in separate rooms. After trying to create the best functionality of the apartment, we decided to show a different approach in the design of details and elements in it

Changing the interior according to the way and time of use

We created a rhythm of sliding panels, that allows you to change the interior according to the way and time of use. It was a challenge for us to make these panels as contemporary functional stained glass, as well as to become the main focus of the apartment, but also thanks to their transparent nature to allow light to pass everywhere.

Original Image
Modified Image


We decided to experiment with the colors and shapes of the elements of the interior. We tried to create a baroque splendor, perceiving the space as a picture that is not typical for the contemporary interior.

Picture frame

With the graphic panels – stained glass, contrasting with this rich palette, the feeling of a picture frame is obtained.

Individual elements

During the design process we tried to extract maximum functionality, subsequently supplemented by individually developed details and elements, realized in our own manufacturing base.