Studio 1924

We have designed and made compositions and details that will give new life to the old elements and turn them from flaws into accents.

Another challenge!

It was a huge challenge for us to design and restore a floor of an old house in the central part of Sofia by turnig it to a workspace. For certain functions, it is extremely important to find the intersection between pragmatism and design in order to form a space that not only satisfies its intended purpose, but also creates an atmosphere of coziness.

An individual decision

Our approach in design is to get the most out of a given space by suppressing existing shortcomings and giving priority to key elements on which the end result depends.

Additional factors

Factors such as light, function and spaciousness are always of great importance in creating an adequate working environment and using the full potential of all the givens of the house built in 1924.

Light is the most important factor

Lighting is the most important design feature, especially, when it is directly related to its purpose. Our architectural approach is completely subordinated to the function, which in this case has a strictly individual character. The monochrome interior, designed in white, creates the feeling of more space and elegance.

Individuality & Functionality

We approached the project as another challenge, because the space had to meet all functional and technical requirements, but at the same time to have its own character. We created a kind of framed mirrors for all of the workplaces, in order to achieve the feeling of entering a gallery.

Office building “East”

The office is the place where we spend most of our time during the day. That is way this environment should create a sense of inspiration and to provoke productivity. This is exactly what we did in this project.

Your workplace as inspiration

Every experienced manager knows that one of the main factors related to employee productivity is exactly how they feel at work. The environment around us is an essential part of feeling positive emotions.

Individual approach and lots of greenery

Greenery changes the way we work and the quality of our life. This is what inspires us to design natural vertical gardens in the lobby of an office building, as well as to place a tree as an accent in its center.

“Different” is always a good idea

The greenery not only complemented the interior, but became a key element in it and created an individual character of the whole premise.

“Different” won’t always be a good idea

Each of the subsequent floors is designed according to the specifics of its purpose, but always the leading role is played by the light and the function for achieving maximum comfort of the workers in it.

Development of individual elements

We created individual elements, details and compositions to give a specific character to each part of the space.

Curtain Shop

A different space, combining a store, attractive to the customers and an office where employees can be creative and productive.

Specific spaces are a real challenge!

We accepted the challenge to design this specific space, located in the basement of a building, with an only access to light from an English courtyard.

An individual decision

The lack of light and low ceilings, as well as the fact that the room reminds more of a corridor led us to the search for complex shapes in architectural solutions.

The specific element

We used the hexagon as a specific design element, that gives both an individual character of the space and helped us to create a different orientation of the workplaces and a soft seating zone.

Green bar

In 2010/2011, “Vitosha” Blvd was not yet a pedestrian zone and we were one of the first to face the “problem” of existing trees on the sidewalk and their place in the urban environment.

Trees as an accent

After many design phases, we realized that trees are not a problem that we should avoid and ignore, but a basis for creating comfort for the urban man. And so, the “tree of life” became the focus of our multifunctional installation, which not only did not compete and dominate it, but on the contrary, was its natural continuation.

Unfortunately, the “art councils” of the district administration in 2013 adopted the new look of the already pedestrian Vitosha Blvd., where the trees not only had no special place, but rather were obstacles that had to be bypassed.

The greatest artist - Nature!

Now, at the end of 2020, 10 years later, I sincerely hope that authorities will appear to “close the door” to mediocrity, which kills everything beautiful that surrounds us, created by the greatest artist – nature!