Apartment SI in progress


In the beginning was the creative inspiration

Determining a starting point is the beginning of our projects. A given space can have different looks. Our goal, however, is to always find a balance between beautiful appearance and functionality. When you see an interior magazine, you will undoubtedly find at least one room that you will fall in love with. You are going to love everything in it – the sofa, the lamp, the coffee table, the way they are arranged and everything else. In these photos, you can see that each element is in its place and combines perfectly with everything else. Surely, you would be happy to live in such place. There is, however, one subtle point – a beautiful photo is just a photo. In reality, it is very difficult to live in such a perfect space because it was created to be beautiful, not functional. The large space, of course, gives a lot of opportunities for the arrangement of furniture, but if you step into it, you will start to wonder where to store clothes, shoes, blankets from the sofas?

3D Visualization

Understanding the difference between a perfect photo and reality, we offer dozens of variants of a space, looking for the perfect combination between beauty and the opportunity for a comfortable life in it. Thus, began the implementation of this project. Designing a SI apartment was a wonderful creative experience. The large areas of the living room allowed us to create two contrasting areas. Zoning was also the leading element in our approach to the creation of this home. When designing entrance area and the living space, we tried to ensure the maximum access of light to each part of the space.

The living room

In the living room we bet on the contrast. For the part that reaches natural light from the large windows, we chose to bet on a beautiful, dark wooden veneer to create a feeling of comfort and warmth in the space. For the rest of the living room, which does not reach the natural light in the required quantities, we choose a pure white color. Through it, we were able to compensate for the lack of light in this part of the space, as well as to create the feeling of more space. Of course, for its realization we also went through several project variants. One of our biggest advantages is that thanks to our own manufacturing base, we have the opportunity to make adjustments to the project until the last moment – just before the start of the production process.

3D Visualization
Original Image Realization
Modified Image 3D Visualization

The perfect balance in the bathroom

Many people underestimate the bathroom as part of the home. The truth is that this is one of the first places you are in the morning and one of the last you visit in the evening. Therefore, the interior of the bathroom is no less important than the interior of the marten or living room. Our plan for this part of the Apartment SI was to create balance, and build not just a common bathroom, but a place adaptable to the mood.

After being through many projects and considering different options, in search of optimality, we relied on natural materials and the powerful combination of stone and metal. Our goal was to recreate the feeling for balance. The space should be both energizing for the day ahead and able to make you relax and unwind in the evening.