House B in progress


The beauty and the shortcomings of an old house

The old houses undoubtedly have their charm and dare to win the hearts of new owners. The history of the house, its energy are all things that grab the moment and the old house lives a new life. As beautiful as it sounds, renovating a ready-made building without the possibility of making any structural and functional changes is a real challenge, even for an experienced designer. This is exactly what we faced during the implementation of this project.

3D Visualization

The main disadvantages of this house are the low ceilings and the lack of enough light in the space. Our main goal was to make the most of the available light and create a feeling of ethereality, which required a complete renovation. We were looking for the element that would create the much-needed harmony in a home.

Къща Б в развитие пано
Къща Б в развитие коридор
Къща Б в развитие дъвено пано поставяне
Къща Б хол

To create a sense of completeness

When we entered from one room to another, we wanted this transit not to be felt, our goal was to achieve a sense of wholeness and completeness. For this purpose, we have created lattice shelves in the hallway and kitchen that can slide and let light through. There was an old fireplace in the house, which we completely transformed and adapted into the space so that it becomes an integral part of the interior, whether used daily or not. In the dining room, we bet on a very strong element – a mirrored wardrobe. It is not only a great accent in the interior, but also an element that creates a feeling of space.

3D Visualization

Everything in its place

The slopes of the roof compensate for the low height and lack of enough light in the house. We implemented the project for one calendar year, and it took us about 6 months to reach the final project and another 6 months to implement it. We were guided by the idea of compensating for the disadvantages of the space, while at the same time creating a contemporary home in which there are no dominant things and everything can be adapted according to the current desires and moods.

Къща Б в развитие - визуализация на хол, фронтално